Technology Trainee Program

Technology Trainee Program

We are changing the world with technology as we don't use technology , we live technology.

Our Technology Trainee Program is to enroll Fresh graduates from college, nurture their techie gene and help them establish themselves as a technology guru. Our program is not just about learning technology, its about developing your problem solving skills, developing them and augmenting them with the right technology tool. Technology is just a tool, the weapon is the developer's own mind.

In the current ever evolving tech industry knowing programming is not enough, knowing how to learn new technology is important. Our team of extremely capable and experienced technology experts help our trainee to understand the basics of programming that remain constant along all programming language, design patterns, how to use them, where to use them, general practises and many more. During the program spannig 6 months, the trainees are given access to real life projects, work under professionals while learning on the job how to handle difficult situations and deal with clients.

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