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“Yoctotta Softwares private limited is a software and IT consultancy company.

We pride ourselves in providing innovative, scalable solutions to our clients in the field of financial technology, big data analytics and other MIS systems.

We specialize in distributed architecture that are meant to provide performance, flexibility and maintainability.

  • We are a startup in Bhubaneswar, Odisha (INDIA) who pride themselves on delivering solutions that are designed to process huge data at blazing speeds.
  • In the current market the fixation is on developing complex algorithms for solving event more complex problems. We try to provide our 2 cents by researching and working on big data processing, APL type programming languages, Java based big data solutions and Intuitive softwares.
  • Our true strength lies in the potential of its Associates. Associates work in an atmosphere of trust and confidence.Every individual Associate is a leader.This leadership is expressed in the way tasks are assigned and taken up.
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Surajbhan Satpathy

Managing Director , Yoctotta Softwares Private Limited.